Representatives Don Beyer, Seth Moulton, and DNC Chair Tom Perez Stump for Jesse Colvin

“Integrity is what people want in their leaders, and they haven’t gotten it from Andy Harris.” Democratic
National Committee (DNC) Chairman Tom Perez spoke about why he is backing Jesse.

“I have been throughout [Jesse’s] district — his district is winnable. There are good people there. They simply want results. They want a government that works for them,” Chairman Perez told the crowd. “That’s why Wayne Gilchrest, one of the most respected leaders in Maryland, a Republican, has endorsed Jesse Colvin.”

A veteran of the Marine Corps, Rep. Moulton spoke about the need for new leadership in the Democratic Party: “The reason people like Jesse are willing to stand up is because they’re saying, ‘the party’s not getting it done, so I’m going to get involved, I’m going to make a difference, I’m going to lead.’”

Read more in the full press release here.


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